Caravan Water Proofing WA Introduction

Caravan Water Proofing WA Introduction

Caravan roofs are generally the most neglected part of your investment. CARAVAN WATER PROOFING WA are here to help.

Rarely washed or inspected they can leak and cause extensive structural damage and harbour health affecting bacteria

Exposed to the harsh west Australian environment, expanding and contracting and flexing whilst in motion it all becomes too much for the joints and sealants

( A simple check of the small print on most new vans states that they should be re-sealed after 2 years or so)

Yet if failure occurs the result on your investment can be financially devastating and dangerous making your caravan uninhabitable due to dangerous mould growing in the frame and cavity.

At Caravan waterproofing WA we have drawn on previous experience as installers of EPDM and TPO roofing systems in the UK and have adapted an installation system that is perfect for caravans.

In addition to this I have been in caravan sales at 2 of Perths leading dealerships selling new and used caravans which has given us a deep insight into the waterproofing issues experienced by new and used customers.

We are proud to introduce to the market place an installation process and product that is cost effective and long lasting for our customers.

Caravan Water Proofing WA Introduction – we hope you liked our video

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