Whats involved

At caravan waterproofing wa we are experienced enough to give an estimate over the phone by simply asking a few questions about your caravan or motorhome.

Your scope of works should include the following

  1. Stripping excess sealants from hatches vents and joints
  2. Removal of air conditioner
  3. Removal of solar panels and j-mold insert
  4. Sand , prepare and prime your caravan roof
  5. Supply and install air con reinforcing plate
  6. Supply and install new rope track into J-mold
  7. Supply and install new J- mold to uprights
  8. Supply and install new heavy duty solar panel brackets
  9. Apply coating and reinforced webbing to all hatches , vents, joints, solar panel brackets and stress points
  10. Apply 2 x further coats of elastomeric waterproofing membrane
  11. Re- install solar panels and air conditioner
  12. Provide 5 year warranty