Future proofing your caravan

At caravan waterproofing we often identify issues that have been overlooked during manufacture and design

  • Roof mounted air conditioners are great and mounted onto a steel H frame, over time the vibration and movement can cause stress fractures around the gasket area, this same movement can cause a dip in the roof allowing water to puddle causing sepage through the compression gasket, or they are mounted directly over a roof seam.

To rectify these issues we install a reinformed plate included in the price.

  • Because the lengths of caravans differ so much but the sheeting size is standard, We often find that the overlapped joint is held in place with staples which really isn’t good practice these will eventually push through the sealant allowing moisture into the roof cavity, quite often detected in the front boot of all places .

To permanently resolve this issue, we can install a reinforcing plate over the joint and staples to prevent them from pushing thorough (Additional cost).

  • We all know the J mold is not designed to be watertight and although the internal joint is sealed off we find rusting screws indicating water ingress copying a design feature from one of Australia’s leading off road caravan we have a permanent solution.

A solution now adopted is to install a rope track into the J rail and seal off all three exposed water entry points (Now included in the cost).