My caravan is permanently sited and unable to move. Can you visit ?We are here to help in any way we can. If this is the case we will need some details, photos help us to understand the challenges involved.I would suggest 4 photos of the exterior so we can work out access and 2 or 3 of the roof paying attention to any problem areas and detailing .From this we should be able to give a pretty detailed estimateApplied in 4 stages Prepare, Prime, Reinforce details and top coat.
I live in my sited caravan,can you add insulation to keep it warm/cool ?Yes we can, By using a Thermo foil insulation board. we can install these
And then seal off the roof there are several factors that may or may not prevent this.
After all nobody likes the goal posts moving.
We have a fixed price list available. Please refer to our current price list
But if you have a specific concern please send us a simple email with a couple of photos and we can take it from there.
How can I view the product to ensure it lives up to my expectation?We have so much confidence in our product/service that we have a showroom with mock up roofs and demonstrations please feel free to bring your own hammer simply contact us